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7 Lessons of Collaboration, Innovation and Leadership in Portugal and Europe

Welcome to the "Binomial Technology & Sustainability".

This book presents an innovative approach towards the dynamics between both topics, as well as their impact in the current world. 

From sustainable aircrafts and space satellites, to innovative tech engines from drones or artificial intelligence tools that are fighting the ocean crisis. From the machine that recreates the first moments of the Universe and the Big Bang explosion, to the production of energy on Earth in the same way Sun does it. From industry 4.0 to the digital revolution in agriculture.

Through the reference to famous proverbs, the authors deepen 7 lessons of collaboration, innovation and leadership, derived from real projects and testemonies connected to the 4 elements of nature. This Binomial is focused in humanity as a centre for knowledge production and in a set of competences to be strengthened in a 21st century characterized by technological and sustainable drivers.

The book was written by Diogo Almeida Alves and Pedro Matias, with the foreword of Arlindo Oliveira, author of “The Digital Mind" and President of IST (Instituto Superior Técnico), the largest engineering, science and technology university in Portugal. It counts also with experts from well known national entities such as ISQ (Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade), Fraunhofer Portugal and MUDA (Movimento pela Utilização Digital Ativa); as well as prestigious international organizations like the universities Imperial College London and Chalmers University of Technology of Sweden, or the European agencies of ESA (European Space Agency), EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

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