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1. International Experience: Lived, studied and worked in 9 countries and 4 continents: Africa (Angola), Americas (Dominican Republic), Europe (Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom) and Asia (Hong Kong and Malaysia).


2. Serial Entrepreneur: Launched and managed 4 tech startups with different experiences: Co-founded 360imprimir, currently present in 4 markets and 200 employees between Europe and Latin America; managed an European social network that failed after several pivots; led a major offers and discounts platform in Central America; directed a Rocket Internet venture that exited to a leading eCommerce platform in Asia-Pacific. 

3. Tech Investments: Today represents Vertech Capital in Europe, an Asian fund of funds and advisory firm that works with startups, investors and Governments in investment projects involving innovative and sustainable technologies. Diogo has previous experience as a venture capital investor in several sectors (e.g. mobile, AR, SaaS, digital media, marketplaces) in different stages, from pre-seed, seed to series A/B. He was also part of the team that launched the first accelerator and investment vehicle strictly focused in sports tech in Europe. 

4. Corporate Digital Transformation: Works with big corporations from different sectors (e.g. retail, banking, industry, energy) in digital projects with the A2D (Analog to Digital) brand, focusing on business strategy and in the development of digital talent and teams. Diogo is also part of the MUDA team, a project that aims to increase the number and the sophistication of internet users in Portugal. 


5. Sustainability & Social Impact: Develops European projects in the field of sustainability with the German Federal Association for Sustainability, and education and community impact initiatives with the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum, being the Curator for Portugal in 2019/20.

6. Arts & Culture: Focuses in the empowerment and development of people through innovation and arts, with improvisation theatre at the core of its methodology with the company The Human Story. Has artistic training in the area of the improvisation theatre in the Act School of Lisbon. Developed a theater project focused on refugee integration while living in Berlin. 

7. Education & Training: Specialized in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Digital. Visiting Professor at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics. Lecturer/ Trainer in programs such as ProMentor (targeted at sports federations) and Platicemar (focused in the blue economy).