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With an accumulated international experience in 9 countries and 4 continents, Diogo works with big corporations in digital transformation strategies and with startups and investors across Europe, US and Asia. He has a vast experience in the digital area, having launched and managed 4 tech companies with distinct business models and in different countries. Diogo held broad responsibilities at the largest venture capital firm of Portugal and was part of the team that launched the first sports technology Accelerator in Europe.

Diogo is a Partner at The Human Story, a company that focused in the empowerment and development of people through innovation and arts, with improvisation theatre at the core of its methodology. He discovered his passion for this performing art in 2015, while joining a theatre group in Berlin that aimed at raising the awareness for the challenges faced by migrant refugees when they arrived to German capital.

Together with his technology and arts endeavors, he is also a Visiting Professor at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, the Curator of World Economic Forum Global Shapers for 2019/2020, and is in the Board of the German Federal Association for Sustainability.

After “The Binomial Technology & Sustainability”, Diogo is already preparing a second book with the key themes being the origins, intersection and evolution of the 4 elements of nature, mankind and technology. 


7 Lessons of Collaboration, Innovation & Leadership in Portugal and Europe

Welcome to the "Binomial Technology & Sustainability".

This book presents an innovative approach towards the dynamics between both topics, as well as their impact in the current world. 

From sustainable aircrafts and space satellites, to innovative tech engines from drones to artificial intelligence tools to fight the ocean crisis. From the machine that recreates the first moments of the Universe and the Big Bang explosion, to the production of energy on Earth in the same way Sun does it. From industry 4.0 to the digital revolution in agriculture.

“It is critical to abandon the separation of knowledge and domains that is still quite present in the

European education systems."

Francisco Veloso, Dean, Imperial College London Business School